Student Wellbeing & Spiritual Life

Student Wellbeing & Spiritual Life

At Dubbo Christian School we recognise that the social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students is of key importance to their success at school. Students with a positive sense of wellbeing are happy, settled, responsible and resilient.  They enjoy positive relationships with peers, staff and parents, and are engaged in all aspects of their schooling. Such students are strongly placed to develop into well balanced adults who confidently know who they are with respect to biblical truth, and are willing to take their place in the world based on a desire to seek and serve God and fulfill His purposes in their life. For this reason, DCS is committed to promoting, nurturing and developing each student’s sense of wellbeing.

In Preschool and Primary School, day-to-day responsibility for wellbeing lies with each student’s class teacher. These teachers know their students well and are in an excellent position to speak into their lives and identify any concerns regarding wellbeing. Class teachers are assisted in this role by the Primary Co-ordinators, the Head of Primary and other support staff.

In the Secondary School, our Pastoral Care Groups are integral to student wellbeing. Students meet in their Pastoral Care Groups for 25 minutes, four times per week. Pastoral Care teachers take primary responsibility for the wellbeing of each student in their group, and are typically the first port of call when concerns develop.  Each stage has a Stage Coordinator, who works closely with the Pastoral Care teachers and oversees student wellbeing for their cohort. The Head of Secondary also takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of students in the high school.

Students participate in a range of wellbeing initiatives at DCS. These include whole school approaches, as well as activities targetted at key developmental stages, such as "Ready, Set, Big School", Year 7 Orientation and year group camps. Students may also participate in targeted programs, such as social skills groups, to address particular needs. DCS employs a Psychologist and a Chaplain who work to promote wellbeing across the school and are able to provide specialised support for a range of concerns.
Spiritual Life
Dubbo Christian School offers an environment where students are challenged and equipped to experience the joy of serving the risen Saviour, discovering His purpose for their lives, and living lives that glorify Him. We value the opportunity to partner with parents in the nurture and growth of our students.

While today's culture seeks to portray truth as relative and continuously changing, spiritual life at Dubbo Christian School challenges students to unapologetically serve a Saviour who is Truth and a God who is unchanging.

The Bible is interwoven into the curriculum using tools such as the Transformation by Design curriculum framework, and prepares students to know, defend, and live out their faith by providing the opportunity to wrestle with what it means to hold a Christian world view. Weekly Assembly affords students the opportunity to gather together as an entire school, and praise Christ as a unified body of believers.

At Dubbo Christian School, we believe that rigorous academics and a vibrant spiritual life should not be an either/or proposition. We therefore seek to prepare our students to glorify God with their minds, talents, and lives.