School Life

School Life

Students from Dubbo Christian Preschool right through to Year 12 at Dubbo Christian School are involved in a range of activities across the school day and year, including excursions, camps, workshops with visiting guest artists, musicals, sporting activities and community events. We welcome new families to our school community throughout the school year.



The K-6 department of DCS continues to strengthen and build upon a biblical foundation of teaching and learning experiences in order to grow just and morally founded young Christian men and women. While it goes without saying the fundamentals of Literacy and Numeracy are taught explicitly by highly trained teachers, students are also carefully and intentionally nurtured in the ways that Jesus taught his followers. Central to academic learning is the notion of service and care of others in all levels of Primary school. ‘We’re all in this together’ instructs students to care for his fellow man and walk beside those less fortunate than themselves.

With the exception of daily Mathematics lessons, classes are staged at Dubbo Christian School. Enhancement for students is offered via extra- curricular activities such as Musical tuition and also involvement in the Primary Band. The weekly LOTE lesson for Years 3-6 in Indonesian also exposes each student to enriched learning as well as the culture of Australia’s closest neighbours.

The concept of service is also nurtured in the Year 5/6 students through Sporting events and the Project Compassion program where all DCS Primary students support 2 young people in third world countries. Students hear and experience a little of what is like to be marginalised and the role of each individual in closing the gap for everyone.




The DCS mission statement states that our purpose is to provide high quality schooling which is Bible based and Christ centred. The curriculum is taught from a biblical perspective and students at DCS are encouraged by teachers to think critically from a biblical perspective about all areas of life.

The secondary school has attractive, well cared for grounds and provides a pleasant environment for learning. The buildings and facilities are generous and comfortable. They include a modern gymnasium, auditorium, and specialist technical and science rooms.

In Years 7 to 10 there are two classes for most subjects, with a number of subjects split into three classes.  Mathematics classes are streamed by ability levels while students mix widely in other classes. Practical classes are divided into smaller classes so as to allow for greater student - teacher interaction.

Stage Coordinators oversee student well-being. Pastoral care groups and devotions are held daily and help students to have a greater understanding of Christianity. They also serve to underpin our support and care of students.

All teachers present a curriculum that is academically demanding and designed to cater for students with differing abilities. An After School Study Centre runs on a number of afternoons each week and operates out of our Library Resource Centre. It is staffed by teachers who provide academic support to those students who wish to take the opportunity to study after school.

The life of a student at DCS is not confined to the academic program of learning offered. There are many opportunities for individuals to experience a wide range of co-curricular activities such as sport, musicals, camping, debating, service activities and a band. Opportunities to serve others both in the local community and also overseas via mission and cultural trips enrich a student's life and make schooling at DCS a wonderful experience.


Senior Secondary


At Dubbo Christian School a senior education is much more than the subjects taught.  In the senior school our Year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to expand their horizons academically, physically and spiritually. The academic expectations in senior High school are rigorous but this is balanced with ongoing programs of Community Service, Work Experience, Outdoor Education and Leadership. These opportunities place great value on the development of collaborative partnerships whilst fostering individual capacity and commitment to service.

Our curriculum is based on syllabus documents provided by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and tied to a Christian world view. Senior students at Dubbo Christian School enjoy smaller class sizes and a wide subject choice which means we give personalised attention to each of our students.

Our dedicated teachers strive to challenge the students with excellence in their learning experience that will prepare them for life as God's person in God's world.