The Pumula Lodge Household

The Pumula Lodge Household

Thank you for considering Pumula Lodge as your home away from home. Boarding is an exciting and challenging period of your life that enables you to develop many friendships and provides many opportunities for your personal and spiritual growth. We aim to provide a positive experience for you and all who live at Pumula Lodge. Our staff members look forward to a long and happy association.

There are many good things about life in a boarding community that brings together young people like you from so many different backgrounds: friendship, the company and support of others, a range of sporting, cultural and other recreational opportunities. Some of the challenges of living with others in a boarding setting are the routine and predictability of daily life, being away from home and family life, sharing a room with others and developing organisational skills.

Accommodation is from 5pm on Sunday evening to 9am on Friday morning each week during school terms.

Partnerships between staff, parents and students are critical in the education practice of DCS and Boarding at Pumula lodge.

We would love to talk to you further about your children becoming a part of the Pumula Lodge family.